Hello! So you’re ready to register? Great!

Please make sure that you have the following documents with you before you proceed further. Failure to furnish us sufficiently with the required documents will unfortunately jeopardize your chances of being successfully registered.

  1. Download the Official Y.O.U. Fest Registration Form and fill in the required details. For your understanding, we have placed two examples. Click to download the excel sheet here
  2. Next, please prepare the Letter of Approval from the parent for our official records. Here are the guidelines to creating the required. Letter of Approval;
    • Name(s) of the student(s) participating
    • School that the student(s) belongs to
    • Grade(s) that the student(s) is currently studying in
    • Event that the student(s) is willing to participate in
    • Note from the parent allowing their kids to take part in the event and that they agree to the final decision taken by the judges for each event.
    • Signature from the parent


Once you have the above documents ready, please review the below Terms and Conditions carefully and then click agree in order to proceed further into the registration process.

  1. One candidate can participate in only 2 group items.
  2. There are three age groups, Group A: 3rd to 5th Grade, and Group B: 6th to 8th Grade, Group C : 9th to 12th Grade.
  3. Contestants, parents or school representatives are not allowed to approach the judges for cross-checking of their marks scored in any of the competition items.
  4. All participants or school representatives must register themselves at the counter 3 hours before their event item is scheduled to take place, so that the organizing team can duly note the attendance.
  5. It is mandatory that, after registration, the participant reports to the allotted stage 45 minutes prior to their performance. For those participants competing in more than one item, a parent or school representative can register on their behalf.
  6. Only those candidates who participate in the first round are allowed to participate in the final round.
  7. Registration strictly for schools only
  8. Entry to the finals
    • Participants with 1st and 2nd prize in their respective item will enter the finals.
    • Students with 3rd and 4th prize will be given chance to enter the finals based on their grades, once all the zonal competitions are completed and performances are analyzed.
  9. A candidate can participate in a minimum of 5 items
  10. Incomplete forms will not be accepted
  11. Parent’s name and contact number is compulsory
  12. A school need to participate in a minimum of 3 group items to take part in the single items

I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of Y.O.U. Fest

For Enquiries Contact : 056 522 5672

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